BWCA Seminar: Plan to be a Better Boss

BWCA Annual Trade Show Seminar – 13:30 23rd March 2017 at The Nottingham Belfry

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“A boss will tell you what to do and a leader will show you how to do it” says Seminar presenter, Adrian Berwick.

In his talk, Adrian will consider how companies can grow the business but also need to change the culture and the  behaviours  of some people who work in the business. He is fully aware of the challenges involved in sometimes bringing in new people with different perspectives.

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Having worked both in the water cooler sector and also in one of the main customer areas, that of FM and property management, Adrian Berwick is well-placed to note that the water cooler sector has undergone huge change in the last ten years. He says: “There has been much consolidation and because of the way the industry is low cost in terms of barriers to entry. It often comes down to small margins so the key differentiator is customer service, and, rightly so.”

In talking about how to plan to be a better ‘boss’, he will draw on the difference between boss and leader, explaining how these two act and think differently. Embracing new ideas and getting the best out of people is something leaders do”.

Adrian Berwick often helps companies cope with change management as they increase in size, particularly in the case of small, sometimes family-run, businesses. “It doesn’t always work when a new person comes in and challenges the status quo,” he says. “In the case of family-run businesses, transfer between the generations can also be a difficult area and managing sibling rivalry makes life interesting. Then there are those employees who have always been employed by the company and have built up massive loyalty with the family but may not be at their best in performance.  I take a view that if it is family then you sometimes have to accept and protect them or sometimes you have to find a way of finding a less business critical role for some individuals. Leaders may need to make a decision in the interests of the business”.

He describes this syndrome in an excellent  blog on ‘Best Before Dates…’

Adrian Berwick, of AB HR Commercial Solutions, is a Human Resources expert with over 30 years in HR roles within large and small organisations. He now runs a business support consultancy predominantly supporting SMEs. Adrian  has a particular knowledge of the water cooler industry as, from 2000-2004 , he worked for a major cooler company,  a BWCA Member, as head of HR and later spent a year on  secondment as their  Operations Director.

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