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Since inception in 1989 the UK water cooler market has grown to approximately 668,000 water coolers, to become the largest market in Europe. It consists of both bottled water coolers and mains fed plumbed-in (POU) coolers which dispense filtered chilled mains tap water.

UK Industry Growth and Statistics

The UK water cooler market is composed of approximately 360,000 bottled water coolers. Over the last several years many BWCA bottled water cooler customers have migrated from bottled coolers to mains-fed plumbed-in coolers - often with their existing BWCA supplier. POU (mains-fed) water coolers now account for approximately 50% of the market. However, the migration from bottled to POU (mains-fed coolers) has all but ceased.

The BWCA predict that the total market will enjoy modest growth of 1% or 2% per annum over the next four years, with little or no change in the product mix between bottled and POU coolers. However, according to Zenith International, the value of the bottled water cooler market will remain significantly above that of the POU market.

The residential sector for bottled and POU coolers is seen to be gathering some modest momentum with the advent more compact cooler designs.

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