The total water cooler market was worth GBP109 million in 2012 and, whilst it is set to decline this year and next, is set to return to growth by 2015, new data shows. The annual conference of the British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) also heard that the POU (point of use or main fed coolers) market is, for the first time, accounting for slightly over half the market compared with bottled water coolers, according to research by Zenith International.

Iva Hatzold, a research analyst from Zenith International, who was one of the speakers at the BWCA conference held on 14 March 2013, presented her company’s finding from data gathered in 2012. She also revealed that, the overall cooler market had declined from GBP115million in 2011 and that a steady but slight decline would continue with a value of GBP106million being predicted for the current year. However, by the year 2015, Zenith believes that there will be a year-on-year increase over the previous year of 0.6% bringing it back up to GBP106 million. Read more UK WATER COOLER MARKET WORTH GBP109MILLION