New BWCA Approved Insignia

The BWCA has launched two new insignias for full members, to help promote their professionalism and membership.

BWCA membership doesn’t come easily. Strict annual audits and mandatory industry training must be passed Members to be able to proudly claim BWCA membership. Now the Association is launching two new badges of honour for eligible companies to display prominently on their web site, literature and on vehicles etc.

Many customers require BWCA membership as a demonstration of best practice and good hygiene.  Members can now easily display the fact that they have worked hard to be part of this highly professional group of companies. We believe it will help members to demonstrate their professionalism and high level of training and in turn help customers to identify suppliers who provide superior standards of operation, hygiene and ethics.

There is a choice of marques for companies to use, both employing the BWCA logo. The first reads: BWCA Accredited Member – audited to Unimpeachable Standards in Quality, Safety and Hygiene. The second is a roundel which simply says: ‘Approved Member’.

Chairman John Dundon said: “The launch of these new insignias doesn’t change anything that we are already doing. We are simply giving members two further means of making the market aware of the BWCA brand and of our members. They can choose to use one or both of these marques on websites, product, machines, vehicles, customer invoices or other communications. It’s for this reason that we’ve provided a choice of wording and of formats”.

Find a Member gives details of current members.