BWCA taps into cooler industry goodwill for Charity

At its 2016 conference, trade show and annual gala dinner last week the British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) both announced its fundraising target in support of the Just a Drop Charity – and exceeded that target.

It is fitting that on World Water Day (22 March) the water cooler industry is able to confirm that it has raised £10,328. It required just under £10,000 to be able to fund a borehole project in Kalungwishi  village in Zambia.

The project will provide clean drinking water for the village whose inhabitants currently have no access to clean safe water, resulting in waterborne disease striking every week. Children and women have to walk for two hours to fetch water which is unclean and unsafe. This will transform the lives of the villagers.

Phillipa Atkinson-Clow, BWCA General Manager, said: “I couldn’t be more proud of my industry colleagues who gave so generously to this cause. Our members donated superb prizes to our charity auction and, thanks to them, our superb chief auctioneer Bruce Orme of Wenlock Spring and the enthusiasm of the bidders, we raised all the money – and more.

“We also raised funds via a jerry can challenge during the trade show which helped demonstrate the physical challenges facing our beneficiaries in carrying large quantities of water over a distance. Other donations came via  on-stand promotions at the trade show to raise money plus one off gifts through our Just Giving site and a substantial cash gift from one member”.

Chairman John Dundon said: “This is the first time our members have come together in a charitable programme of this kind and it just demonstrates what a wonderfully empathetic industry this is. I consider this to be one of the most exciting developments of 2016 for the Association. It was a pleasure to have Brendan Hanlon and Louise Geoghegan from Just a Drop with us for the day and Brendan’s presentation did much to rouse interest in supporting this great cause. This is a superb example of what we, in the UK, can do to help those for whom drinking clean water is a daily challenge”.

Just a Drop provides drinking water and sanitation to communities in developing countries.  Just a Drop’s Head of Fundraising and Communciations, Brendan Hanlon, said: We are so grateful to The British Water Cooler Association for this achievement. This partnership will make a positive and significant difference to the people of Kalungwishi who will now have the opportunity to access clean water. Thank you on behalf of everyone at Just a Drop.”

In the village, Just a Drop will drill a borehole to a maximum depth of 70m and equip it with a hand pump, enabling the community to reach clean and safe water. To ensure that water will be available into the future, community-elected women and men will be trained and equipped to work together to repair and manage the water systems. Just a Drop will also provide hygiene education, to ensure people stay healthy.

 The BWCA intends to continue raising money for Just a Drop towards a further project. To donate visit

A child from Kalungwishi village in Zambia, who will be one of those to benefit from the BWCA’s generosity. Image courtesy ©Just a Drop

A child from Kalungwishi village in Zambia, who will be one of those to benefit from the BWCA’s generosity. Image courtesy ©Just a Drop


New research – water can help weight loss

Drinking more water can help weight loss according to a new scientific study.  Good news for those visiting the BWCA conference and trade show this week.

Research just published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics (February 2016)  shows that plain water consumption can control weight and reduce intakes of sugar, sodium and saturated fat. Drinking between one-three glasses more water a day could lower calorie intake by over 205 calories.

The researchers, led by Professor Ruopeng An from the University of Illinois, surveyed 18,300 adults, asking them to recall foods and drinks consumed over two days that were between 3-10 days apart. Water intake was assessed, including fluid from foods and drinks other than plain water.

On a daily basis, the participants drank an average of just over 4 cups of plain water which accounts for just over 30% of their total fluid consumption. The average daily calorie intake was 2,157 calories.

The study showed that those who increased their consumption of plain water by between one to three cups daily, lowered their total energy intake by between 68-205 calories. Plain water was defined as ‘water from a tap, watercooler, drinking fountain or bottle”.

The research also showed that people who drank more water, consumer 5-19g less sugar and 7-21g less cholesterol.


BWCA to turn vodka into water for Just a Drop charity

Collecting water at Kalungwishi Village, Zambia
Collecting water at Kalungwishi Village, Zambia

At its annual gala dinner and trade show, the BWCA will be using vodka, whiskey and champagne to create clean water – but not literally.  These, and other prizes, are to be auctioned and the money raised will go to support an African charity’s clean water initiative.

The Association will also be generating funds for its chosen charity, Just a Drop, via  holiday homes in Spain and Cyprus, hotels in the UK, a boating weekend, a torch-light and other delights to generate funds at its annual event for the industry body’s chosen charity, Just a Drop.

The launch of the charity partnership with Just a Drop on 17 March 2016 is being supported at the annual BWCA event by several companies and individuals. Fund-raising events arranged at the Trade Show include:


  • Calomax will offer a free Calomax torch to all visitors with requests for a donation to Just a Drop;
  • Polymer Solutions International Inc. will donate £1 for every £100 ordered at the BWCA trade show (up to £10,000.00 ordered);
  • Pureflo will invite visitors to donate £1 to have a chance of guessing the number of O rings in a bottle with a chance to win a bottle of Single Malt with all proceeds going to Just a Drop.


In addition, BWCA member AA First has donated £500 in cash, a hugely generous gift towards the BWCA’s target of nearly £10,000 to help Kalungwishi village, which exists in a state of real poverty as  there are no local health services and there is no access to safe water.  Conference delegates will hear from Brendan Hanlon of Just a Drop just how vital this project is to change and protect the lives of those living in this remote Zambian village.

Auction prizes include:

  • a week’s holiday in a 2-bedroom villa in the Costa Blanca, Spain from a generous anonymous donor;
  • a week in a 2 bedroom apartment in Polis, Cyprus kindly donated by AA First;
  • a weekend in Wales at the Hotel Plas Hyfryd in Narberth, Pembrokeshire generously donated by Glyn Jones of Princes Gate;
  • a weekend on a motor cruiser from another generous anonymous donor;
  • a voucher for one night’s accommodation including dinner, bed and breakfast generously donated by Q Hotels;
  • a set of Barware from Root7 kindly donated by The Water Delivery Company;
  • a bottle of Polish Vodka kindly donated by KTLC Europe;
  • A bottle of Macallan Gold Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey (exclusively matured in sherry oak casks from Jerez, Spain) kindly donated by Wenlock Springs;
  • bottles of champagne kindly donated by Office Beverages;
  • A bottle of a limited edition and very special Mortlach single malt scotch whiskey generously donated by Pureflo

Members will also be encouraged to raise funds for the charity throughout the year. Already, General Manager Phillipa Atkinson-Clow, has held a private dinner for friends to raise money. To donate visit

New products, promotions and launches at the BWCA Trade Show

Exhibitors at the BWCA trade show, being held on Thursday 17th March at The Nottingham Belfry, Nottingham are excelling themselves by demonstrating and launching new products, offering on-the-day promotions and raising funds for “Just a Drop” – BWCA’s chosen charity for 2016.  Visit the BWCA Conference website for full information.

For those wanting to make the most of the day, there are still a few places left at the Conference, with keynote speaker Simon Weston – book online – being held on the morning of 17th March.