New Horizons for the water cooler industry


BWCA Trade Show & Seminars being held on Thursday 23rd March 2017 at The Nottingham Belfry – 13:00 – 17:00 with complimentary refreshments – open to all in the industry.

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Many new Exhibitors

Three free to attend seminars, offering additional value and business ideas:

  • Plan to be a Better Boss:  A company’s most important asset is usually its employees.  Delegates will receive pointers on how to develop a strong and harmonious team.
  • Plan your technology for tomorrow’s success: we will be looking at two areas of IT that are core to running a water cooler business:  ERP and CRM.  The core focus will be looking at how software has solved business challenges
  • Plan to win through training: this session will reveal some of the benefits of training and development and how these deliver a commercial return.



Why 13 is our lucky number for 2017

Taking 13 simple steps a day could speed us to good health.

Make the water cooler the go-to place in the office and, by drinking 8 glasses of fluid a day, most of which should be calorie-free water, and eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables, we’ll kick-start our way to a healthy, hydrated 2017.

Look on this as a natural ‘detox’ programme.  We already know that choosing a low fat, low sugar eating plan is a good way to get back into shape – or perhaps to attain the shape we’ve always wanted. This is all about making small changes that will make us feel miles better, and hopefully carry on for weeks to come.

Simply combine these 13 goodies with a healthy diet and a sensible exercise regime.

Drinking eight glasses of water a day may seem a lot, but it’s really very easy:

Have a glass of water when you wake up, one before you go to bed, one with every meal and three others in between, then we’ve drunk our eight glasses with minimal effort. AND eating before meals can help control our appetites.

If yours is an office job, walking regularly to the water cooler has the added benefit of giving your eyes an essential rest from the computer screen.

Being well hydrated can help prevent headaches, mood swings, constipation, kidney stones and offers a host of other health benefits.