Water at Work Saves Energy

Water at Work Ltd, a member of the BWCA, introduced an energy saving initiative to help reduce the carbon footprint of the business.

The use of insulation in the building and energy-saving light bulbs was introduced, not to save costs, but to make the company more environmentally-friendly and the changes have created a warmer working environment with no noticeable change to heating costs.

“We have the opportunity as Owners and Directors to either support our planet or ignore its cries for help,” says Tanya Cornford, the MD. “If we all, in every small way, try to operate in an environmentally positive manner then there will be exponential benefits.”

The company also continuously reviews driver routes and ensures economic deliveries by checking in advance with customers how much water they need. Carrying just the right load means there is no surplus fuel used in the carriage of unwanted product.

The team has also given much in in the way of personal energy to good causes. The company supports WaterAid and Lincolnshire Air Ambulance whilst Tanya, Ruth Egerton and Sue Hart from the team undertook The Moon Walk for Breast Cancer.

The company also supports local community projects by supplying water to events, such as the Bingham Health Campaign (pictured).

Swithland Spring Offers Local Water for Local People

Often it’s the way businesses operate that makes a real difference to the environment.

Water coolers offer a great way to enjoy healthy hydration with an excellent record of recycling bottles. When the water is sourced and delivered locally, the environmental impacts are minimal. That’s just what happens with BWCA Member company Swithland Spring Water.

They consider themselves to have a low carbon footprint as the water is bottled less than 25 metres from the borehole and, once bottled and tested, the bottled are delivered in the main to customers within a 50 mile radius. In common with other BWCA Members, the old bottles are recycled – usually after more than 40 uses.

The company also runs an active Corporate Social Responsibility programme, sponsoring several local charities and donating water to a number of fundraising events. These include: Intercare Medical Aid for Africa, Rainbows Walk for Life, Seagrave Wolds Challenge, Swithland 6, Rothley 10K run, Menpys sponsored walk, Vasculitis UK, the Air Ambulance Service and The Dogs Trust.


Countrywise Water Coolers Tackles Environmental Sustainability

Hull-based Countrywise Water Coolers Ltd, a Member of the British Water Cooler Association, has backed its commitment to reducing the company’s carbon footprint with a number of measures covering energy saving and recycling.

One of these is investment in two hybrid delivery lorries. The 7.5 tonne Mitsubishi Canters, which can each carry 150 x 19-litre water cooler bottles, are used for deliveries to customers in the Hull and Grimsby areas. The turbo diesel engines have been combined with a 40 kW electric motor to help reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The trucks will help Countrywise save 23% in fuel compared with an equivalent diesel-only model.

The company has also been replacing old-style water coolers with more energy-efficient models over a 7 year period.

They have also, like many companies in the sector, started to roll out a SIP system which enables hot and cold coolers to be turned off outside of business hours. The new technology will sanitise each cooler at pre-programmed times by circulating micro bubbles of natural and chemical-free ozone into the cooler reservoir. This saves a quarter of a tonne of carbon per cooler per year.

Countrywise sources its water from a company which is, in turn, taking practical steps to reduce its carbon footprint with the installation of a biomass boiler and the introduction of a 99% packaging waste recycling programme. In addition, Countrywise is supplying PP cups to its customers and these are fully recyclable.

The company employed an expert consultant in 2009 to advise on sustainability and provide recommendations. The measures taken have resulted from the actions taken in response to the report.

Countrywise was established in 1991. In addition to water coolers, customers can also order health-giving fruit boxes to encourage staff to snack healthily in the work-place.