About BWCA

The British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) was established in 1989 to represent the interests of the water cooler industry in the UK.

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Our Role

The BWCA's mission is to ensure that its Members offer the highest standards of quality, safety and hygiene to the consumer together with an unimpeachable product and service.

The BWCA facilitates the exchange of technical, scientific and regulatory information between Industry Members and related bodies and serves as the authoritative source of information (other than statistical) concerning the water cooler industry.

Peace of Mind

For continued membership and accreditation, Members must adhere to strict Bylaws, Codes of Practice and the Code of Advertising and Conduct and are audited for compliance annually by 3rd party inspection organisations.


The BWCA has close and ongoing relationships with key national and local government departments and agencies including the FSA, DEFRA, the Environment Agency, Trading Standards and Environmental Health Departments.

At a European level, the BWCA is a Member of Watercoolers Europe (WE). The BWCA takes a key executive role in the activities of Watercoolers Europe (WE) which represents the interests of several hundred companies in the water cooler industry throughout Western and Eastern Europe in relation to EU directives and regulations