To become and stay a Member of the BWCA Members must follow the following Codes of Practice:

  • Bottled Water Code of Practice
  • Plumbed-in Code of Practice
  • Code of Advertising & Conduct
  • Bylaws

It is highly recommended that consumers use BWCA distributors for their water supply. Water is a food product, so strict standards and rigorous water testing are vital to ensure an unimpeachable product:

  • BWCA Members must undergo strict annual, mandatory audits
  • BWCA Members must undertake and maintain specific industry staff training
  • The audits assess compliance to both legislative standards and BWCA guidelines to ensure that the highest standards of hygiene and safety of drinking water are adhered to
  • All audits are carried out by recognised third party expert organisations

Copies of the BWCA Guidelines can be obtained from the Secretariat on request.

Failure to adhere to the Codes and passing annual audits can result in termination of Membership.