BWCA Seminar: Plan to Win through Training

BWCA Annual Trade Show Seminar: 15:30 on 23rd March 2017 at the Nottingham Belfry

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“Ask yourself, every day, ‘How can I make today a bit more amazing?'”  That’s the question that Rachel Halsall of the The Results centre will be posing at this seminar.

Training is often a neglected area and the session Rachel leads will reveal some of the benefits of training and development and how these deliver a commercial return.

Rachel Halsall of The Results Centre is a top business trainer and coach and she would like delegates attending her seminar to come away from the session with some practical tips to take back to their own businesses.

Rachel Halsall of The Results Centre BWCA Seminar Speaker

She says, “Creating great results for yourself and your team requires investment. I will examine how you can effectively invest in your own training and development as a leader to produce a clear return on that investment.”

Her approach is very much one of empowering those who work in, and lead, businesses, encouraging conversations about training needs and starting by identifying what success looks like. For some bosses, executive coaching is where this process needs to begin.  “We need to enrol people in the conversation about what could be done better,” says Rachel.


Businesses owners and leaders want more time in the day. Rachel says: “Sometimes it’s a question of helping people to analyse how their business has changed over, say, the past two years. We get them to see what they no longer need to do and what they should now be doing to keep things fresh.  Keeping the lens open to assessing change and how to react to change is a key part of the focus. The aspiration is always to get people, at every level of a business, to turn up that dial just one degree more”.

The Results Centre is an International Coaching, Training and Development business whose  arresting approach aims to help  change how you see the future for yourself, your team and your business.


The seminar is free to attend.  Spaces are limited on a first come, first served basis. The two other free seminars that afternoon –  all on a ‘Plan to Win’ theme –  are:

13.30 “Plan to be a Better Boss” – a company’s most important asset is usually its employees.  Delegates will receive pointers on how to develop a strong and harmonious team.

14:30 “Plan your technology for tomorrow’s success” – whether you struggle with the application of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) or just want to get better, this session is for you.  Delegates will learn how to ensure their businesses are as efficient as possible.

 The Trade Show is the showcase for the Water Cooler sector and entry is free to trade visitors. Book your free Trade Show place on-line.

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