Why choose a BWCA member?

When specifying the installation of a water cooler or ordering bottled water, always ensure that the supplier is a BWCA member.

Accredited Members of the BWCA are Your Guarantee of...

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Sanitisation programme
  • Audit programme
  • Training
  • Environmentally friendly practices
  • An understanding of the benefits of hydration

Why should you choose a BWCA Member for your water cooler - click here to download.

Quality & Safety

The Association's strict standards provide a guarantee of product safety and quality, supported by an unimpeachable level of service.

Sanitisation Programme

BWCA Distributor Members are mandated to carry out regular sanitisation and hygiene visits to coolers, ensuring product safety and quality.

Audit Programme

All Members of the BWCA must adhere to strict annual audits relevant to their specific activity be it bottling, distributing or supply of industry products.


Mandatory training in Hygiene Awareness, Food Safety & HACCP for Distribution Depot Managers, Bottling Plant Operation, WRAS for plumbed in (POU) installation and Crisis Management is undertaken by Members to meet audit requirements and ensure an unimpeachable product. The BWCA also offers optional industry training to help Members in their businesses including Distribution Management to BWCA Standards, Qualified Advisors, Sanitisation and Installation Courses.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

To meet European Legislation the BWCA mandates that its Members follow guidelines on the disposal of coolers and related products at the end of their life.