Hydration and the Vulnerable Elderly


The Daily Telegraph has carried a damning piece about the number of vulnerable elderly people who die as a result of dehydration and starvation or with those issues as a contributory factor. Dehydration and elderly people is something which the BWCA has been taking very seriously. It is part of  the Cross Party Parliamentary Forum on Hydration which is tackling this issue.

We have recently published a Hydration Fact Sheet for Members targeting those managing or working in care homes and hospitals.  We are at pains to point out not only the need to provide ready access to water and other fluids, but that staff must take care and trouble to ensure that elderly people are encouraged to drink and where necessary given physical help with drinking.  For managers of course this means treating the matter as an essential part of the job carried out by staff and allowing their employees  time to help residents or patients to drink.

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  1. It will be fascinating to see whether the speakers at the G8 conference on dementia note the role that diet and hydration can play in the health of elderly people, especially as those with dementia often display poor taste and thirst mechanisms so that cognitive functions can made even worse due to dehydration and malnutrition.

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