Click on the navigation to find out more about health and hydration in the workplace and our industry. The BWCA is the trade association for the water cooler industry in the United Kingdom, this includes both bottled and plumbed in (POU) coolers covered by its members.

Water coolers have integrated into all aspects of our working and home life from offices to workshops and construction sites to schools and hospitals. Today employers do not only provide water coolers as a means of fulfilling their legal duty to provide drinking water in the workplace, but they recognise the benefits derived from good hydration in the productivity and wellbeing of their staff.

Healthy Hydration Chart

There’s one easy way to know if you are properly hydrated – check the colour of your urine against our ‘pee chart’. Pale is good; dark urine means you could be in need of fluid. And if you are dehydrated, here’s an easy way to rehydrate healthily: head straight to that water cooler… simple.