The British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) has announced that the merger with the European Drinking Water Cooler Association (EDWCA) is no longer a possibility.

The BWCA Secretariat has today issued the following message to its members:
‘As you know, over the past two years, we have been going through a process with EDWCA to see if the two organisations could amalgamate. You will recall at the 2012 AGM, BWCA members asked the EC to construct a set of terms and conditions, and standards of operation, that would protect all BWCA members, both now and in the future and would present them to the EDWCA. If these were acceptable to the EDWCA then the EC would proceed.

Following the 2012 AGM, Watercoolers Europe had made a proposal to EDWCA that as a stepping stone to the eventual joining of BWCA and EDWCA they could join Watercoolers Europe, with certain conditions attached. This had been rejected. Subsequently, EDWCA moved their Secretariat function to the Automatic Vending Association. In line, with the motion at the BWCA 2012 AGM, another proposal was made by the BWCA to the EDWCA as follows:

i) Revert to the agreements made by the two associations and various committees prior to July 2012 final amalgamation meeting.
ii) Change BWCA Bylaws to accommodate the potential amalgamation.
iii) Phillipa Atkinson-Clow will be the General Manager of the new combined association, with EDWCA Secretariat administrator reporting to her.
iv) Chairman – current BWCA Chairman would chair the new association.
v) Deputy Chairman – current EDWCA Chairman would be deputy chair of the new association.
vi) Training – as BWCA.

Following an extended period to consider, a response has now been received. EDWCA wish to continue their partnership with the AVA and the vending industry, and feel that the same vision, values and goals are not shared by the BWCA and EDWCA and have therefore rejected the BWCA proposal.

We have responded, wishing EDWCA the best for the future and stating this this process is now closed.’

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