Water – a matter of choice

For most people, simply drinking more water, of whatever kind, is  beneficial as water is tooth-kind and calorie-free. It’s really a matter of choice but we think Water Coolers have a number of benefits:

  • The water tastes good, which encourages us to drink as much as we should.
  • There is research showing that the ‘nudge’ effect provided by a constant reminder to eat or drink healthily can have a positive effect. The cooler is often prominent in the office, reception, meeting rooms and elsewhere and so its visibility is helpful.
  • The water is always chilled to a perfect temperature for enjoyment.

Remember, not all coolers are created equal. Choose a Water Cooler from an accredited member of the British Water Cooler Association so you have the guarantees of safety and good practice as all members have to be rigorously audited.

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